Dodge will unveil the new Challenger SRT Demon at the 2017 New York International Auto Show (NYIAS) in April, and is continuing its lengthy teaser campaign with a new video titled Multiplication.

Yes, the American carmaker wants you to explain the math behind its imposing drag/street car, which is essential to wrinkle the tyres as shown in the video. According to Dodge, the Nitto NT05R street-legal drag radial tyres on the Demon, which measure 320 mm wide, contribute to a 15% larger tyre contact patch (obviously) and “more than twice as much grip as well.”

As a result, the new car is is capable of handling higher launch torque loads than the “tame” 707 hp Hellcat, warranting the carmaker to give it more torque multiplication. This includes fitting a higher stall speed torque converter to the automatic transmission and 3.09 rear axle. Compared to the Hellcat, the Demon sees an increase in converter torque multiplication and rear axle torque multiplication by approximately 18%.

Dodge says these upgrades alone enable the Challenger SRT Demon to generate more than 35% higher launch force than a Challenger Hellcat, which should make for exciting starts off the line.

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