Williams Martini Racing followed tradition once again by being the first to reveal its 2017 Formula One car ahead of a proper unveiling on February 25, two days before the start of pre-season testing in Barcelona. The new FW40, which will retain the use of Mercedes powertrains, is named as such to commemorate the teams 40th anniversary, meaning that it will skip the FW39 designation.

Wearing the same Martini livery since 2014, the new car nevertheless looks significantly more dynamic compared to last year’s car. This is because of the new 2017 regulations, which mandate the use of a wider, sweptback front wing, fatter tyres and a lower, wider rear wing with a raked profile.

Other changes include a wider body – up from 1,300 mm to 1,400 mm – as well as a wider track that will bring the car’s maximum allowed width to two metres. There will also be larger barge boards and a shorter under tray; together, the rule changes are set to provide faster racing.

There’s been a significant change to Williams’ driver lineup for 2017 – Valtteri Bottas has been drafted to Mercedes AMG Petronas to replace 2016 champion Nico Rosberg, who retired just days after clinching the title. Assuming the lead driver role is Felipe Massa, who was set to retire at the end of last year, while Canadian rookie Lance Stroll takes up the second seat.