Here’s a first look at the 2014 Formula 1 cars, as Ferrari, McLaren, Lotus, Williams, Sauber and Force India have all revealed their latest contenders. They’re not pretty, to say the least, with all the new regulations imposed this year. Welcome, F1 fans, to the silly season of 2014.

First up, Fernando Alonso and Kimi Raikkonen’s ride for this upcoming season – the Ferrari F14-T. No, the name doesn’t spell out FIAT, but is an abbreviation of F1 2014 – Turbo. But really, who cares what it’s called anymore? Look at that nose!


It makes the McLaren MP4-29 looks rather decent in comparison. Sleek it is, but pretty would be pushing it, even for die-hard fans. With Ron Dennis back in charge, it’s no surprise that the car is painted in 50 shades of grey. Jenson Button and newcomer Kevin Magnussen’s main objective will be to do better than last year’s disastrous campaign.

The Lotus E22 takes a two-pronged attack on the 2014 season. Like literally. Your eyes are not deceiving you there – the two ‘tusks’ are of different lengths. The longer one forms the main nose tip and crash structure, while the other is an aerodynamic device.


Next up, the Williams FW34. The drooping nose, already dubbed the ‘anteater’ is similar in concept to McLaren’s solution, though less classy in execution. Both the British teams decided to launch their cars without their full race liveries, as they’re still trying to work out sponsorship deals to replace the ones they’ve lost (Vodafone, PDVSA).

Also revealed so far are the Sauber C33 and Force India JVM07, with the latter featuring new colours. The 2014 Formula 1 season starts in less than 50 days, in March 13 to 16. Hopefully we can all get used to the new cars by then.