Bugatti previously released a step-by-step process on how it builds its new flagship hypercar – the Chiron. Now, the first few customer cars are set to leave the Atelier at the company’s headquarters in Molsheim, France, and the carmaker has documented their journey in video form.

The 3 minutes and 31 seconds video will introduce you to the very facility where the Chiron is born, followed by a brief tour inside where you’ll see some of the components that goes into it. The most noticeable and important of the bunch is of course the 8.0 litre turbocharged W16 engine.

From there, a team of 20 dedicated employees hand assemble the car, ensuring the more than 1,800 individual parts are properly installed. A vigorous testing regime comes after, to make sure each Chiron performs exactly as advertised before it makes its way to very patient customers. Why? Each Chiron takes about nine months for this journey from configuration through to delivery.

Disregarding the first Chiron show car from last year’s Geneva Motor Show, the three cars here are the first few Chirons to leave the company, says Bugatti. As you can see, two of them feature a two-tone exterior paintjob, picked from the brand’s customisation programme – La Maison Pur Sang.

The third car on the far right of the “family portrait” is a little more special, and will be put on display at this year’s Geneva show. The exterior paint finish – Bleu Royal – was specially made for a customer, which increases the number of painted carbon-fibre options to eight – Black, Grey, Turquoise, Blue, Green, Brown, Red and the new Bleu Royal.

According to Bugatti, the customer even spent one day in the Atelier in Molsheim working on his car, electing to go with a dual-tone theme for the interior. This includes two different leather tones – two – “Deep Blue” and “French Racing Blue.”

Bugatti remains adamant that only 70 cars will leave the Atelier yearly, so meeting the 500-unit production limit for the Chiron should take about 7-8 years. Despite the long waiting time, the brand isn’t short of customers, and has revealed that half of the 500 units have secured buyers.

Diving into the numbers, 37% of orders came from Europe, followed by North America (30%), the Middle East (26%) and other markets (7%). We reckon Cristiano Ronaldo should be an early adopter of the Chiron, don’t you think?