Honda has revealed initial details of its new ‘Electric Vision’ strategy for Europe, stating that it aims to have hybrid, plug-in hybrid, battery electric and fuel cell vehicles making up two thirds of its European model line-up by 2025.

Outlining the plan at the Geneva Motor Show, Honda Motor Europe’s president and COO Katsushi Inoue said the company will leverage on its global R&D resources to accelerate the introduction of a full portfolio of advanced, electrified powertrains for European customers.

The focus on electrification will initially be driven by a roll-out of hybrid technology across its vehicle range, and the first hybrid model featuring the automaker’s two-motor hybrid system will go on sale in Europe sometime in 2018.

The company says the strategy will also make plug-in hybrid, battery electric and hydrogen fuel cell vehicles commercially available to European consumers. The Clarity Fuel Cell is one of these, the vehicle being introduced as part of the Europe-wide HyFIVE (Hydrogen For Innovative Vehicles) initiative to drive the adoption of fuel cell vehicles and the creation of a viable hydrogen refuelling infrastructure across the region.

GALLERY: Honda Clarity Fuel Cell