Our spy photographers have managed to snap more photos of the next-generation Mercedes-Benz A-Class, which is currently undergoing testing in winter conditions. The new compact car is slated to arrive in 2018, where it will continue to compete against the likes of the BMW 1 Series.

Similar to what we have seen previously, the A-Class is expected to be a longer car than before, based on the longer overhangs seen on this prototype. The car’s roofline also extends further back than the current W176, and when paired to what appears to be a longer wheelbase, should make things a little roomier on the inside.

The revised shape is accompanied by sharper exterior styling, most noticeably with the slimmer headlights. The halogen units seen here are likely reserved for lower-spec A-Class variants, while those further up the range should come with LED setups instead.

Other notable changes include a longer bonnet, and side mirrors that are now placed further away from the A-pillar as seen on the current A-Class. As for the rear, the test mule’s camouflaged taillights don’t give much in the way of details, but they appear to adopt the new GLA’s graphics. Furthermore, unlike the current car, they are now two-piece units instead.

As previewed by the Aesthetics A sculpture, a sedan version of the A-Class will compete against the BMW 1 Series Sedan and Audi A3 Sedan. The new model will not replace the current CLA, despite their commonality, but will instead be positioned alongside it.

No shots of the car’s interior but based on what we’ve seen previously, the larger interior should be more upmarket than before, fitted with the latest Mercedes infotainment system. Elsewhere, the car will also come with a new steering wheel that echoes the design found in the new C-Class facelift, along with a widescreen display as that found on the current W213 E-Class.

The new A-Class will employ the new Modular Front Architecture (MFA2) platform, and should come with the latest range of turbocharged four-cylinder diesel and petrol engines. Reports also hint that two full-fledged AMG versions will be available – A 40 and A 45 – where the former comes with 300 hp and the latter, 400 hp. A plug-in hybrid variant could join the performance duo as well, for those who prefer something kinder to the environment.

GALLERY: Next-gen Mercedes-Benz A-Class spyshots