Based in Beijing, China, electric bike maker Evoke Motorcycles has contracted with iPhone manufacturer Foxconn to build its Urban S e-bike. Priced at 9,400 USD (RM41,811), the Urban S is said to be much cheaper than competitors such as Zero Motorcycles, Energica and Johammer.

Using a hub motor controlled by a 400 A DC wave controller with regenerative braking, the Urban S claims a range of 133 km for city use, while highway cruising at 80 km/h drops the range to 83 km. The battery is a 99.2 volt, 60 ah lithium-ion phosphate Evoke PowerPack, with a rated capacity of 9 kW-hours.

In real-world power terms, this equates to 24 hp and 116 Nm of torque, with top speed limited to 130 km/h. Charging time is claimed to be eight hours, though a fast charger that brings the battery up to 80% capacity in three hours is available.

A pair of 42 mm upside-down forks in front holds the three-inch width, 17-inch diameter wheel in place, while a monoshock does the job at the rear. Braking is with a pair of four-piston callipers clamping dual 300 mm discs at the front, and a single disc at the back is clamped by a single two-piston calliper.

Also in the works is a cruiser styled e-bike dubbed the “Kruzer”, and while details are scarce, this version of the Evoke e-bike is claimed to have 230 km range per charge, with a 30 kW peak power motor and 135 Nm of torque. Availability of the Evoke Urban S is said to be mid-2017.