The Toyota Hilux has been a symbol of toughness and dependability, drawing the handymen and outdoor adventurer types to the pick-up truck. How does it fare against a miniature version of itself, in various situations where one would expect to find a pick-up truck? Toyota UK and plastic model company, Tamiya have come together to find out.

In the towing demonstration, each 1:10-scale Tamiya Bruiser Hilux weighs 3.2 kg and cranks out 23.2 Nm of torque from an electric motor. A group of 15 Bruisers tow a Toyota Hilux 2.4 D-4D Invincible with a gross weight rating of over 3,200 kg.

Both pick-ups big and small take on towing, mudding and evening wading, with the miniature Hilux RC model going into the water fully submerged and apparently emerging the other side drenched but otherwise unscathed. One can only assume the Bruiser’s electrical innards have been sealed or otherwise waterproofed for the swim…

Further along, towing is another common pick-up truck duty, and here the UK-market Hilux demonstrates its Trailer Sway Control at speed. Check out the videos below to see the Toyota Hilux (and its miniature playmate) in action, in various environments.

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