What you’re looking at here is Papadakis Racing’s entry for the upcoming Formula Drift season, which is sponsored by Rockstar Energy Drink and Nexen Tire, and produces about 1,000 nitrous-boosted hp. As you can tell, the competition car is based on a 2017 Toyota Corolla iM and- wait, Corolla and drifting – does that remind you of something?

If you guessed Initial D, you’re right on the money. The most winning team in Formula D history is well aware of this too, and to introduce its new drift machine, it created a live-action, shot-by-shot remake of the opening sequence to the cult-favourite Japanese anime series.

“We know we kept people guessing in the off-season as we built our 2017 car, and we couldn’t be happier to finally have a chance to show it off. Corolla is an iconic nameplate in drifting and we’re proud to bring it back to the championship,” said team owner Stephan Papadakis.

“So many of us who love drifting grew up watching Initial D and it was fantastic to take the car out into the mountains and pay tribute to drifting history,” said driver Fredric Aasbo, who is the 2015 Formula D world champion and the man who will pilot this machine.

For those interested in the technical bits, the Rockstar Energy Drink/Nexen Tire Toyota Corolla iM employs a 2AR 2.7 litre engine that runs on E85 bioethanol. With its BorgWarner EFR turbo, AEM Infinity 8 fuel injection, and some nitrous, the cute-but-deadly drift car serves up 1,000 hp (as mentioned earlier) and 1,152 Nm of torque.

All that power is sent to the rear wheels via a four-speed Gforce GSR four-speed dog box transmission, which required a lot of custom fabrication. This includes a new transmission and driveshaft tunnel for the car, while the rear end and axles are installed into the rear subframe. The car rides on Motegi Technomesh D wheels wrapped with Nexen N’fera SUR4 rubbers (245/50 front and 275/40 rear).

The drifting Corolla is set to make its racing debut at the Formula D opener at the end of the month in Long Beach, California. For those who would like to compared #RockstarD video to the Initial D original, you can do so frame-by-frame with the video posted below.