After a while of lingering in the doldrums, Malaysian motorcycle manufacturer Modenas is making a strong comeback into the underbone and scooter market, with the launch of the 2017 Modenas Kriss MR2, photos of which were teased a few days ago. Priced at RM4,123 including GST – the MR2’s pre-GST price of RM3,890 was not far away from our guess of RM3,800 – the Kriss MR2 replaces the Kriss MR1, which was launched back in 2011.

Carrying a single-cylinder, 110 cc, air-cooled power plant, fed by carburettor, the Modenas Kriss MR2 produces approximately 8.3 hp at 7,500 rpm and 8.2 Nm of torque at 5,500 rpm. Power gets to the ground via a four-speed centrifugal clutch gearbox, rolling on 17-inch wheels.

Fuel for the MR2 is carried in a 4.5-litre tank located under the seat, where a 6.6 litre cubby storage compartment can also be found. The space will fit a half-shell helmet, folded raincoat or other miscellaneous small items.

On the braking side, the front is stopped by a single petal-disc, clamped by a single-piston calliper, with a drum doing duties at the back. Suspension in front is with a pair of standard telescopic forks, and the rear-end is propped up by twin shock absorbers adjustable for pre-load.

There are three colour options available for the 2017 Modenas Kriss MR2 – yellow, blue and red. Dry weight for the MR2 is 94.5 kg and seat height is set at 760 mm.