The facelifted Mercedes-Benz S-Class isn’t the only big thing set to debut at Auto Shanghai, because joining it on stage will be the Concept A Sedan. The show car, which is the “herald of a new generation,” as Mercedes puts it, appears to be largely inspired by the Aesthetics A sculpture shown in January this year.

At the time, Mercedes referred to the sculpture as a “vision of a saloon car in the compact car segment,” and the Concept A Sedan should give us a better insight at what the A-Class Sedan will look like. It has previously reported that the A-Class Sedan will go up against the Audi A3 Sedan as well as the BMW 1 Series Sedan, and will be positioned above the CLA.

In the brief teaser video, we are a treated to a darkened shot of the concept’s front, revealing a more pointed front end and a pair of headlights that are more angular in design compared to the current A-Class hatchback.

These elements are joined by the Mercedes Panamericana grille, which is seen on newer AMG GT models. On that mention, the front of the Concept A Sedan certainly has a whiff of the GT Concept, don’t you think?

Meanwhile, the rear taillights are sharper and longer to suit the Concept A Sedan’s more accommodating boot, plus they adopt the “Y-shaped” graphics within them as you would find on the latest A-Class hatch. It isn’t something that is easily confused with the CLA either, whereby the four-door coupe has a more organic-looking set compared to the Concept A Sedan.

The same can be said of the cars’ profiles, whereby a side-by-side comparison shows the Concept A Sedan has a less sloping A-pillar as opposed to the CLA. Meanwhile, the rear is less rakish than the CLA, which should help in the rear headroom department.

From this angle, we also get to see another feature lifted from the Aesthetics A, a single character line that stretches from the headlights to the taillights, a stark contrast from the crease- and line-filled CLA.

More details about the Concept A Sedan will be revealed when it makes its global debut at Auto Shanghai really soon. For now, do you like what see and would you prefer an A-Class Sedan to the CLA?