The Audi vs BMW billboard ad war should be something familiar to most people, and if you have no idea what I’m talking about, a quick search on Google will get you up to speed. Well, the ad war is apparently still ongoing, with Audi USA taking shots at the BMW X3 and even the Lexus RX with its all-new Q5, in a series of videos.

The first video, Distinctive sees an X3 coming to a stop, before a Q5 pulls up alongside it, completely blocking it from view. We are then told by a voiceover that the Q5’s grille is distinctive, even though it is usually seen from the rear. Why? Because the Q5 is faster to 96 km/h from zero than the X3. Cheeky.

There’s more banter to be had in The Interview, where we follow a young woman who is on the verge of taking a dream job in a promising company. During a tour of her new workplace, she is introduced to the “world’s second most decorated sushi chef,” something that sounds highly suggestive.

Next, she is shown the company’s fleet of “personal mobility solutions,” a parking lot filled with X3s. At this point, she discovers that her dream could turn into a nightmare of conformity, and subsequently escapes in her Audi Q5.

The Decision perfectly encapsulates the tagline attached to the Q5’s promos – “progress is never blending in.” In it, a man sacrifices his safety to expose a criminal, warranting an entry into a witness protection programme.

As per protocol, the man gets a new identity, a new house, a new bank account and a new SUV that is “perfectly inconspicuous.” That last bit isn’t well received by John Doe, who’d rather “take his chances” rather than “blend in.”

With shots being fired, we can only wait for BMW USA to come up with a response to such “provocation,” and if any other carmaker wants to join in, that’s fine too. At least until Bentley comes in and puts a stop to things.