In September 2015, Audi revealed its lunar quattro rover, which is part of a new venture with a team of German engineers called the Part-Time Scientists. The goal is to send the lunar rover on an actual mission to space, which the brand says will happen soon. Before that, the lunar quattro will celebrate its film debut in Ridley Scott’s sci-fi blockbuster Alien: Covenant.

According to Audi, the lunar quattro is an “integral part of the Covenant mission and is deployed to help Faris (Amy Seimetz) navigate and assess the challenging, unknown terrain of a new planet.” The brand has also presented a suspenseful short film featuring the vehicle, which showcases the lunar quattro’s other duty in the film – patrolling the ship for unseen dangers.

Audi experts have supported Part-Time Scientists, a Berlin-based start-up, with its quattro all-wheel drive expertise, lightweight construction, developing vehicles with electric and plug-in hybrid motors (e-tron), as well as design optimisation. The space mission in question is to get the lunar quattro to the Moon, which should make Audi the first to carmaker to bring its proprietary all-wheel drive system “out of this world.”

Speaking of the latest entry in the Alien franchise, the Driven Movie Night is back again and thanks to the folks at Twentieth Century Fox Film (Malaysia), we have a contest that will see winners catch a new, gripping sci-fi thriller before everyone else in the country. All you need to know, here.