Those expecting a new Volkswagen Beetle to replace the modern second-gen iteration of the type will be disappointed to hear that it’s looking likely there are no such plans to do so – Autocar reports that the model is set to be axed (in its hard-top form) from the automaker’s line-up, and the same destiny is said to await the third-gen Scirocco as well.

Both vehicles will continue selling until time is called on them, which won’t be long given their age. The A5 Beetle made its debut in 2011 and had its market introduction here in 2012, while the Scirocco arrived on the scene in 2008 and underwent a facelift in 2014.

The fate of both cars were hinted at during a discussion at Volkswagen’s 2017 Annual Session, when the subject was raised. “The Beetle and Scirocco are representatives of an emotional and appealing class of vehicles, but it is not always about continuing cars from one generation to the next,” VW board member Arno Antlitz responded, providing a clear intimation of what to expect.

Poor sales has everything to do with it, of course. The report said the Beetle shifted 25,127 in both fixed top and convertible bodystyles across 2016, while only 10,752 Sciroccos were sold last year. Combined, the 2016 sales for both were outstripped by what the Golf achieved in January this year alone.

The British publication conjectures that only the poorly performing hardtop Beetle will be canned, because the convertible outsells it by a considerable margin. As for how the void will be filled, Antlitz said that upcoming ID electric models as well as the likes of the Arteon luxury saloon would plug the gaps left by the two models.

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