It’s been a while since we heard from Faraday Future (FF), but the company is reminding everyone that it is still alive and kicking (despite the financial troubles) with a new video featuring the FF 91.

Titled Emergence, the video shows the electric vehicle (EV) going about like a regular car, despite its futuristic appearance. In it, we see the FF 91 making its way through a small town (with a Tesla in the background), navigating the highway and cruising through forests.

The video doesn’t reveal any additional information about the EV, and we don’t get even to see the retractable LiDAR in action. However, we already know from the car’s CES debut that it will have suite of sensors and cameras to support its autonomous driving feature.

Propulsion will come from four electric motors, one at each wheel, with a total system output of 1,050 hp and 1,800 Nm. The FF 91 is claimed to beat the Model S P100D in a zero to 96 km/h sprint with a time off 2.39 seconds instead of 2.5 seconds (Tesla’s benchmark).

Other interesting bits about the FF 91 is the car’s lack of conventional side mirrors, opting instead for cameras that is said to eliminate blind spots. There’s also a facial recognition feature, which allows drivers and passengers to unlock the car without a key.