Service disruptions and delays have prompted the Land Public Transport Commission (SPAD) to urge Prasarana to improve its maintenance and inspection procedures, along with its service and safety standards, according to The Sun.

The authority released a statement saying that more stringent procedures would ensure that the company would be able to identify problems early, before they become an inconvenience to commuters. This follows Rapid Rail’s recent announcement that it has grounded several four-car trains last Friday, after safety issues were discovered.

“Although the commission is aware that the suspension of those trains are necessary in the interest of passenger safety, we will closely monitor current remedial actions undertaken by Rapid Rail to ensure that commuters continue to receive reliable services,” SPAD said.

Meanwhile, maintenance of the KL Monorail service is also being given a closer look. “We have requested for Prasarana to submit regular updates of faults detected in the KL Monorail network through their routine maintenance which includes rectification plans and specific timelines for greater oversight and to ensure timely and appropriate actions are taken,” it said.

Train manufacturer Scomi has also been urged to continue to cooperate and fast track the delivery of the remaining seven sets of the new KL Monorail four-car trains, it said. “This is to ensure more frequent trains are available and to improve the capacity of the current KL Monorail fleet to support higher passenger volume at any one time, particularly during peak hours,” it said.