It may look like a supersized Hot Wheels car pack, but this is the “world’s largest luxury car vending machine,” which is owned by Autobahn Motors, a dealership based in Singapore.

The “vending machine” is actually a structure with four columns, each with 15 levels. Technically known as an Automotive Inventory Management System (AIMS), up to 60 vehicles can be parked within it, which as you can see, consists mainly of some exotic machinery.

As one video demonstrates, storing a car is a pretty simple process. Simply park the car in an elevator shaft, select an open slot via a tablet, and the car is sent to its spot. The company notes that storing or retrieving a car only takes between one to two minutes, good news for those in a hurry.

Aside from being a cool-looking building, the “vending machine” is meant to help increase parking efficiency and to save space, which is particular important in Singapore. For those interested in paying a visit, Autobahn Motors can be found at 20 Jalan Kilang, Singapore.