Rounding off the list of Raya promotions at DRB-Hicom Autofest 2017 is Mitsubishi dealer EON Auto Mart, which is offering demo and pre-registered vehicles at significantly cheaper prices than retail.

Starting with the demo cars, a 2013 Mirage GS auto retails at just RM27,000, while various units of the Attrage can be had from as low as RM34,000. Meanwhile, two units of the ASX crossover in 4WD trim are priced from RM75,500, while three units of the updated version with seven airbags cost RM85,000 each.

As for the Triton, there are several units of the VGT auto model all priced at RM76,000, as well as range-topping Adventure units retailing at RM84,000. Meanwhile, pre-registered 2016 model year pick-ups are priced at RM72,500 for the sole VGT manual (down from RM96,778) and RM99,700 for the two VGT Adventure models (down from RM117,267).

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Looking for a MIVEC-powered Triton instead? There are two VGT auto units (RM94,300, down from RM108,303) and two VGT Adventure units (RM103,000, down from RM117,254) to choose from. Lastly, ASX buyers will get to pick from 2016 2WD GL models that are now RM94,700 (compared to RM105,015), as well as 2015 4WD units priced at just RM80,000.

It should be noted that unlike the Volkswagen and Audi promos, the cars listed here come from both East and West Malaysia, and prices do not include shipping to West Malaysia, nor any transfer fees, road tax or insurance. More details of DRB-Hicom Autofest 2017 can be found here.