As a dual-purpose tourer in the quarter-litre class, the 2017 Kawasaki Versys X-250 is designed to be a lightweight commuting/touring machine. However, pressing the Versys-X to such duties requires storage space, something motorcycles are notoriously short of.

When the baby Versys was launched, press photographs showed a version which came equipped with Kawasaki top box and panniers. However, during the Versys-X media ride, we were informed that Kawasaki Motors Malaysia would not be bringing in the OEM luggage version, even as an option, as it would make the price prohibitive.

There is a solution though, for riders wanting to extend the versatility of the RM23,789 Versys X-250, as Givi Malaysia has produced prototype brackets that will allow for the installation of a top box and panniers from Givi’s range of motorcycle luggage. was invited by Givi to its production facility in Rawang, Selangor, to view the prototype and forward our opinion.

As is typical of Givi brackets, the assembly is made from welded steel tubes, with a mounting plate for the top box. The bracket is designed to accommodate a variety of luggage types, including the de rigeur aluminium cases favoured by overlander riding bikers.

The prototype we viewed came equipped with a Givi B37N top box and E22 panniers, and we were informed an aluminium bracket is being constructed for the X-250. Pricing for the 2017 Kawasaki Versys X-250 Givi bracket is currently under discussion, but is estimated to be RM150 for the top box and RM200 for the panniers, with the B37N top box and E22 panniers sold at RM609 and RM450 (pair), respectively.