Renault has revealed more information about its upcoming Megane RS, which will make its debut at the upcoming Frankfurt Motor Show. After telling us about the hot hatch’s two transmission options – EDC dual-clutch automatic and six-speed manual – the French carmaker is now shifting its focus to the car’s chassis.

Firstly, buyers will be able to choose between a Sport or Cup chassis, with the latter being the one to pick if you’re a track junkie. As Megane RS technical adviser Nico Hülkenberg explains: “It’s a lot more [like] what you have in a racing car.”

“So if you’re going to track days, driving on racing tracks, obviously this is a lot more performance. But every day on the road, obviously it’s pretty stiff, maybe after a while you get annoyed from it, but that’s why you have the two different [chassis] on the market. But this is definitely the ultimate performance one,” he adds.

The new Megane RS will also debut with four-wheel steering (dubbed 4Control), which features an electromagnetic actuator mounted on the rear axle to provide enhanced agility, cornering performance and steering precision.

Renault is keeping mum on what will power the hot hatch, but it is rumoured that a 2.0 litre turbo engine with over 300 hp will be employed. As mentioned at the start, a six-speed manual and EDC are the confirmed transmissions for the model.