The Aston Martin Vulcan is certainly not something you would call “tame,” especially when it comes to the way it looks. However, that hasn’t stopped AMR, the carmaker’s performance sub-brand, from developing an upgrade package for the track-only supercar.

With the package, the Vulcan transforms into this – the new Vulcan AMR Pro – which was unveiled at the Goodwood Festival of Speed. The package is available to all 24 Vulcan owners, and installation will be performed by Q by Aston Martin Advanced Operations.

So, what do you get with the AMR package? For starters, you get a lot more aerodynamic performance, with Aston Martin quoting 4,000 Nm of downforce being generated compared to just 3,150 Nm for the standard Vulcan. For further comparisons, the 2017 Le Mans-winning Aston Martin Racing Vantage GTE generates just 3,104 Nm of downforce.

Aside from generating more downforce, the car’s revised aerodynamic balance sees a shift in the Centre of Pressure, bringing it closer to the middle of the car (47% compared with 41.5% for the standard Aston Martin Vulcan) to improve traction, steering response and front-end grip.

This is achieved thanks to the various add-ons to the Vulcan’s body, beginning with the large canards on each side of the nose to keep the front-end pinned to the ground. Also contributing to the improved performance are louvred panels above the front wheel arches to extract high pressure air and reduce aerodynamic lift, as well as a huge front splitter with turning vanes to improve steering response.

At the rear, the most noticeable change is the new wing, now of a dual plane design. The main element of the larger unit is a 20 mm Gurney flap, aided by slotted wing end plates which have 15 mm Gurneys to provide even more downforce. Eleswhere, Aston Martin slashed five kg from the Vulcan’s weight by optimizing the carbon-fibre composite on the engine cover.

The 804 hp 7.0 litre naturally-aspirated V12 engine continues to be of service here, now coupled to a Xtrac six-speed sequential shift gearbox with shortened gear ratios. Put together, Aston Martin says the Vulcan AMR Pro offers “customers the chance to further develop their driving skills and enjoy an even more intense driving experience.”

“Like anything with a motorsport mindset, once we’d built and delivered all 24 Vulcans we started thinking about how to make it quicker. And so the Aston Martin Vulcan AMR Pro was born,” said Aston Martin vice president and chief special operations officer, David King.

“The shorter gearing makes for truly explosive acceleration between the corners, while the aero package’s increased downforce and improved balance gives our customers the all-important confidence to explore the extraordinary performance on offer,” he added.