Sports car maker Rezvani is set to come up with a four-door SUV – the California-based concern says that the as-yet-unnamed vehicle, which has been teased via some design renders, will begin first deliveries sometime later this year.

The order books for the SUV – which has been penned by Samir Sadikhov – have already opened, and the vehicle can be reserved with a refundable US$1,000 deposit. Aside from the claim that it will be “the toughest extreme utility vehicle on the planet” and that it is military inspired, but built for civilians, nothing concrete has been fleshed out yet.

Initial details state that the body-on-frame design will have two engine options and the capability to seat five. Other features include on-demand all-wheel drive and a high ground clearance, and the equipment list has bulletproofing listed as an optional item.

No indication of pricing either, but it won’t be cheap – the company’s Beast and Beast Alpha X sports car models start from US$159k, and the SUV doesn’t look like it’ll veer very far from that kind of pricing.