Perak JPJ opens bidding for ‘AKU 8055’ number plate

If you enjoy using the phrase “like a boss” often, good news! The Perak Road Transport Department (JPJ) has started accepting bids for the ‘AKU’ number plate series, and among the most coveted vehicle registration numbers are ‘AKU 805’, ‘AKU 8055’ and ‘AKU 1305’.

While most single-digit number plates are popular among buyers, these ones are special as they resemble the Malay phrase, “Aku Boss.” In the report by The Star, state JPJ director-general Mohd Zawawi Zakaria said they were expecting many bids for these plates. “The bidding starts today and ends on July 18,” he noted.

Aside from the “boss” registration numbers, three categories of numbers will still be offered, namely golden numbers, attractive or repetitive numbers and popular numbers. According to Mohd Zawawi, golden numbers (1 to 10) have a minimum bid of RM10,000, attractive (11 to 19) or repetitive (like 22, 777, 8888, etc.) numbers start at RM2,000, and popular numbers start from RM300.

“Even though 805, 8055 and 1305 are normal running numbers, these numbers will be listed under the popular numbers category due to expected demand,” he said. Mohd Zawawi did issue a word of caution to the potential winning bidder for ‘AKU 1305’ so as not to place the ‘1’ and ‘3’ to closely so that it reads like a ‘B’.

So, how much do you think the winning bid for the ‘AKU 8055’ plate will be?