The Road Transport Department (JPJ) seized a total of 2,300 cloned vehicles from 2016 until July this year, said deputy transport minister Datuk Abdul Aziz Kaprawi in a Bernama report. The problem which he described as worrying would be solved with the implementation of the Vehicle Entry Permit (VEP), which will soon take place in the country.

“This illegal activity will be curbed but we advise the public to be careful when they are offered attractive deals to own these cars,” he said. Most of the vehicles which were cloned, were rare in the local market and more readily available in states including Kelantan and Johor, the minister added.

Between 2015 and last year, the police have seized 33 cloned luxury cars in an operation named Ops Lejang Khas. Initial investigations revealed that buyers of these cloned vehicles, aged 25 to 40, were attracted to the relatively cheaper prices of the cloned luxury models, and the syndicate involved was believed to have smuggled them from Singapore.