Even though the Volkswagen Group managed to beat Toyota in terms of global sales last year, a closer look reveals Toyota to be the most popular car manufacturer in the world (also the most searched).

According to data compiled by Regtransfers, Toyota is the highest selling brand in 49 countries, ahead of Volkswagen with 14 counties and Ford with eight countries. The infographic provided here is based on analysis of 2016 sales figures to reveal the top selling car manufacturer in every country.

As the map shows, Toyota is strong in several key markets like Latin America, Asia and Africa, whereas Volkswagen sales are mainly concentrated in European countries like Switzerland, Belgium, Netherlands, Sweden, Germany, Croatia and Belarus.

Ford meanwhile, managed to capture key markets like the United States, Canada and New Zealand. Other car manufacturers after the Blue Oval include Renault and Skoda, both popular in six countries, followed by Dacia and Fiat, which are popular in five countries. For Malaysians, Perodua is the most popular make (Regtransfers used the wrong logo), which is also in line with the national car manufacturer’s 2016 sales performance.