Most searched car brands around the world in 2016

Interested to know the most Googled car brands of the world? Well, this map by UK car parts retailer Quickco shows exactly that: the most searched car brands around the world in 2016.

But first, a few caveats. The data used here is sourced from Google, but that’s not necessarily the primary search engine in countries such as China, North Korea and Russia. It also appears rather simplified, so small local brands may not be represented in this map, which explains the absence of Perodua or Proton – Honda took the crown in Malaysia instead.

As the map shows, most of our neighbours shared the same love for Honda, except for Singapore and the Philippines, that are shown to have searched for Toyota more. They weren’t the only ones too, as China, the USA, Australia and the most part of the Middle East and North Africa did the same.

Most searched car brands around the world in 2016

Funnily enough, while Americans Googled Toyota the most, Mexicans preferred the US brand Chevrolet (oh the irony), which was also popular in Columbia, Chile and Argentina. In fact, most brands didn’t fare well in their home markets: BMW was the most searched automaker in Japan and South Korea, and Hyundai appeared to rule Russia and India.

Over in Europe, BMW was predominantly the most searched car brand in the Continent, including Germany and the United Kingdom. As expected, Renault thrived in France, Fiat in Italy and Volvo was number one in Sweden. Peugeot topped the list in Denmark, while Mercedes-Benz was most searched in Finland.