At a main distributor signing ceremony with the National Malaysian Co-operative (ANGKASA) in Kuala Lumpur, Treeletrik, maker of the first made in Malaysia e-bike, launched the 2017 Treeletrik T-90 e-bike. The Treeletrik T-90 will be on sale at a price of RM10,494 and RM15,264, including GST, for the lead-acid and lithium battery versions, respectively.

With an investment of RM10 million, and an estimated overall budget of RM50 million, Treeletrik’s launching of the T-90 e-bike is in line with the government’s target of having 100,000 electric vehicles on Malaysian roads by 2020. According to Treeletrik, ownership of the T-90 e-bike will see a saving of RM5,684 over three years, compared to the equivalent scooter or underbone motorcycle.

The Treeletrik T-90 uses a brushless rear wheel hub-mounted electric motor rated at 5,000 watts, and comes in two versions, powered by either a lithium battery or conventional lead-acid battery, charged using 13-amp household current. The lithium battery is an 84-volt pack rated at between 50 to 55 AH for the lithium battery pack which weighs 40 kg.

The lead-acid battery option for the T-90 is rated at 84-volts and between 40 to 45 AH, and weight for the battery pack, which comprises of seven separate cells, is claimed to be 98 kg. Charging time for the lithium battery is said to be between five to six hours, while the lead-acid battery takes between six to seven hours to come to full charge.

Range for the Treeletrik T-90 is claimed to be up to 100 km for the lithium battery model, while the lead-acid battery version can ridden up to 85 km, depending on load and speed. Weight for the T-90 is claimed to be 115 kg with the lithium battery, and 178 kg using lead-acid and both versions have a 150 kg payload.

Approval for local sale of the T-90 e-bike took approximately two years, with the co-operation of various government ministries and agencies such as the Ministry of International Trade and Industry (MITI), JPJ, SIRIM, Malaysian Investment Development Authority (MIDA) and Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovation (MOSTI).

Long term plans for Treeletrik include export sales to ASEAN countries such as Thailand, Cambodia, Indonesia and the Philippines while short term marketing efforts will concentrate on college and university students for campus use, government departments and local town councils.