Mazda Singapore has officially launched the all-new Mazda CX-5 in the republic, with the second-generation model being offered in either 2.0L 2WD or 2.5L 2WD models.

Buyers of the former can choose between Standard and Premium trim levels, whereas those who prefer a larger engine will have to decide whether they want the Luxury or Super Luxury trim.

According to the company, the list price is SG$144,800 (RM454,629) for the 2.0L 2WD Standard, SG$152,800 (RM479,747) for the 2.0L 2WD Premium, SG$158,800 (RM498,585) for the 2.5L 2WD Luxury and SG$162,800 (RM511,144) for the 2.5L 2WD Super Luxury.

In terms of output, the 2.0 litre SkyActiv-G four-cylinder petrol engine makes 165 PS at 6,000 rpm and 210 Nm of torque at 4,000 rpm. The 2.5 litre unit meanwhile, makes 194 PS at 6,000 rpm and 257 Nm of torque at 3,250 rpm. Both engines are paired with a SkyActiv-Drive six-speed automatic transmission.

On the equipment front, LED headlights, fog lamps and taillights are standard on all variants, along with leather upholstery, Mazda Connect infotainment system and dual-zone climate control. All 2.0L 2WD variants are fitted with silver 17-inch aluminium wheels, whereas the 2.5L 2WD cars get larger 19-inch units finished in gunmetal.

We’ve attached the specifications list for the Singapore-spec CX-5 below for your perusal. Once you’ve gone through it, let us know in the comments what kit you expect on the Malaysian-spec model, which is launching soon, apparently.