Using a lightweight motorcycle engine in a four-wheel racing chassis is a good way to keep costs down and produce lots of horsepower, and the Griiip G1 single-seater does just that with a 1,000 cc Aprilia 65-degree V-four. Racing in the Formula X Italian single-seater race series, the Griiip G1 won its debut race.

The Formula X Italian is a race series for single-seaters using a tubular frame and motorcycle engine, to aid keeping costs down and allowing for entry-level racing. Mounted longitudinally, the Aprilia V-four drives a Cardan shaft with a differential.

Driven by Yarin Stern (21), the Griiip G1 began the race in pole position, at the Riccardo Paletti circuit near Varano de’ Melegari in Parma, Italy. A bad start saw Stern relegated to tenth place, but the Israeli driver fought back to take the G1’s inaugural win with a pass on the final lap.

Together with Griiip, Aprilia Racing intends to continue developing this particular application of its V-four, bringing it up to World Superbike (WSBK) specifications in order to increase the G1’s overall performance. Electronics upgrades are planned for the car’s hardware and software, to adapt it to four-wheeled racing use.