The next-generation Nissan Leaf will debut next month, and it looks like more electric models based on the five-door hatchback will follow. Autocar reports that one upcoming EV spinoff will be an SUV, possibly called the Nissan Terra.

This is based on a patent filing for the Nissan Terra name earlier this month in Malaysia, of all places. Why Malaysia? The UK mag says that filing patents in unlikely places is a common practice for carmakers hoping to hide their movements away from the limelight of larger patent offices.

The Terra name was previously used on an electric SUV concept revealed at the 2012 Paris Motor Show. That showcar used the original Leaf’s electric powertrain to move the front wheels, with the addition of hydrogen fuel-cell twin motors at the back for all-wheel drive.

The future production Nissan Terra will ride on the much-improved drivetrain of the second-generation Leaf, which is expected to offer a range of up to 550 km, which if true, is more than double the range of the current Leaf. The new Leaf will also sport an aerodynamic shape, e-Pedal single pedal driving and ProPilot driver assistance tech.

New battery pack options will enable Nissan to sell its next-gen EVs in a variety of specifications – the largest battery is predicted to double the 30kWh lithium-ion from today’s Leaf. Cheaper variants with a less powerful battery will be available.

Spawning off more models from the new Leaf’s platform reduces significant development costs, and it’s also something that Tesla is pursuing with the future Model Y SUV, which will be a based on Model 3 bones.

GALLERY: 2012 Nissan Terra Concept