During its global launch debut, it was revealed the Tesla Model 3 will be offered in either ‘Standard’ or ‘Long Range’ specifications. However, a performance version of the entry-level Tesla is set to arrive next year, according to Tesla CEO Elon Musk, via his Twitter page.

In a reply to a question about when a performance-focused Model 3 will be introduced, Musk said: “Probably middle of next year. Focus now is on getting out of Model 3 production hell. More versions = deeper in hell.”

As you can tell, Tesla is focused on speeding up production and deliveries of its most affordable model, and introducing more variants introduces more complications to that process. In fact, production of the Model 3 will begin with the ‘Long Range’ variant, followed only by the ‘Standard’ in November.

Next year, production of all-wheel drive Model 3s will start in the spring, while international deliveries of left-hand drive units will start in the second half of 2018. Meanwhile, right-hand drive markets will have to wait till 2019 until they receive any units of the Model 3.

Musk didn’t say much about the performance Model 3’s specifications, but based on the above-mentioned timeline (in relation to all-wheel drive units), it will likely adopt the dual-motor setup as found in the Model S and Model X.