It seems that manufacturers have been busy fitting production lighting onto their development prototypes these days. Earlier today, we saw the G20 BMW 3 Series wearing what looked like finalised head- and tail lights, and now we’ve received new photos showing the upcoming 2018 Toyota Supra with headlights that look similarly ready for the showroom.

The new lamps, which appear to feature full LED technology, has six square projectors arranged in two rows, as well as L-shaped daytime running lights. This closely follows the design seen on the FT-1 Concept from the 2014 Detroit Auto Show, and it gives further weight to speculation that the styling of the new Supra will be heavily influenced by the show car.

Otherwise, the mule seen here is pretty much identical to the ones we’ve seen before, with curvaceous surfacing, large front air intakes, a tall F1-style nosecone, a wraparound windscreen design and typical sports car proportions with a long bonnet and short tail.

We’ve seen the interior before, and it appears to have been carried over wholesale from the BMW Z4 it is based on, with the three-spoke steering wheel, freestanding centre display, semi-virtual instrument cluster and even the climate control switchgear all taken from the BMW parts bin. Perhaps the production car will have a more unique interior design.

Leaked BMW documents posted on the forum revealed that the Supra will feature four- and six-cylinder turbo petrol engines from Munich, with 20i, 30i and 40i designations that likely mirror those on BMW models. There will also be hybrid model with capacitors derived from the Toyota TS030 Le Mans Prototype, as well as all-wheel drive.

Unfortunately, those same documents also show that Toyota will not offer the car with a manual transmission. Instead, the sole option will be an automatic gearbox, likely the same eight-speed ZF unit used on other BMWs. This brings more credence to rumours that the new Supra will be an auto-only affair, and will likely upset more than a few purists looking for a more analogue experience.