Yesterday’s stunning Daihatsu DN F-Sedan Concept certainly caught the attention of readers, with many wagging their tongues at the prospect of a Perodua version. Well, our resident Photoshop wizard Theophilus Chin has given us his vision of what such a car will look like, and it looks like it could be a real winner.

A few changes have been made to give the show car a more production-ready look – the full-LED headlights have been replaced by regular projectors, and the Honda-aping front grille has been swapped for one that closely resembles the one on the Myvi. Also added are wing mirrors of a proper size, larger door handles in the usual places (the F-Sedan has suicide doors) and B- and C-pillars.

Other than that, the F-Sedan’s stylish, low-slung four-door coupé looks translate well to the Perodua version, and we’re sure that buyers over here would jump at the chance of owning a “Bezza Coupé.” We’re still not sure if a production version will retain enough of the concept’s design, however – here’s hoping.

GALLERY: Daihatsu DN F-Sedan Concept