Today’s media briefing by the General Insurance Association of Malaysia (PIAM) on the industry’s first half 2017 performance also saw the mention of two key items related to motor insurance.

The first is the introduction of a Motor Product Selector feature on the PIAM website, with a link to all insurers. This online platform will provide consumers with key information on the insurance covers available and connects them directly with insurance companies.

Consumers can select the products they wish to purchase from an insurer, and request for quotations on pricing via a single action, thereby simplifying the whole shopping process by eliminating the need to access each individual insurer for a quote. This is especially relevant now with the phased liberalisation of motor insurance already underway.

With motor comprehensive coverage, boxes can be ticked for to pick additional items such as loss of use/inconvenience allowance, limited special perils as well as motor personal accident coverage.

There are also selected stand-alone coverage boxes, which allow you to factor in items such as a waiver of betterment provision as well as tyre/rim coverage. Bear in mind that these will also add to the final cost of a policy.

Presently, 22 insurers are listed on the product selector, but we understand that the availability of the add-ons currently differ from insurer to insurer, and not all have them. if you do try the feature out, do give us your thoughts about it in the comments section.

The other mention was of the setting up of an Accident Assist Call Centre (AACC) to help motorists involved in accidents. The free service will provide motorists with arrangements for emergency roadside assistance (towing services) as well as providing information on insurance claims enquiries.

The association says the AACC will also help prevent any unwanted third-party intervention which can confuse or take advantage of motorists at the scene of an accident. It can be accessed via a toll-free 24/7 nationwide hotline at 1-800-221188, or via a parallel hotline at 15-500.