Ken Block is back for another round of death-defying stunts, but if you’re hoping for another installment of the Gymkhana series, too bad. Instead, what you’re about to watch is Terrakhana, where it seems Block has outdone himself again.

The film aims to show off the performance of Pennzoil’s motor oils, particularly in his 600 hp Ford Fiesta ST RX43, as Block tours the “ultimate dirt playground” in Swing Arm City, Utah. This includes dealing with an elevation of 4,300 feet and temperatures that go as high up as 39 degrees Celsius.

If the car looks familiar, it is the same one used in Gymkhana 8, but has been tweaked to ensure it works well in its new environment. Obviously, there is some element of danger here, as trying to get 600 hp to play nice with dirt can be quite tricky.

So, turn up the volume on your speakers, earphones or headphones, and watch Block do what he does best – elevating our heart rates.