What appears to be a raised and embellished Peugeot 208 hatchback has been spotted undergoing hot weather testing in Southern Europe, signalling the upcoming arrival of a compact crossover to be positioned below the 2008 – could this be called the 1008?

The ‘one-double-oh’ series of Peugeots began with the mini MPV that was the 1007, which featured a pair of sliding doors for ease of access to the cabin. Normal doors will be the order of the day for this new one though, and here the wheel arch extensions point towards fitment of larger wheels and tyres later on in the model’s development stages.

Spatial limitations or more likely, product positioning may restrict usage of all-wheel-drive hardware, though the upcoming small crossover is expected to enlist the propulsion of the smaller engines in the Peugeot line-up, namely the 1.2 Puretech mills in varying states of tune. As is de rigeur with smaller models for the European market, manual transmission will be standard, with an automatic gearbox optionally available.

With Groupe PSA now also the owner of the Opel and Vauxhall brands, there is also the likelihood that they could receive a version of the upcoming small crossover. For the Opel/Vauxhall brands, this new model will slot in below the Mokka X, which is a full-fledged B-segment crossover. As this sighting is still early in the model’s development, it could be well into next year before the small crossover approaches production readiness.