Those looking to become an Uber driver will soon have a new entry into the ride-hailing network. The Cartrade Group, together with Koperasi Pelaburan Amanah Berhad (KAPB), has entered into a partnership with Proton to create Quick Ride, a company that will lease vehicles to prospective Uber driver-partners.

The service will offer UberX drivers a brand new Proton Saga 1.3 Standard CVT at RM45 per day and a Proton Persona 1.6 Standard CVT at RM55 per day over a three-year period. The cost covers vehicle maintenance (except for tyres and fuel), road tax and insurance, and WiFi and a tablet will also be thrown in for riders to use in the car. A courtesy car will also be provided in the event the car needs to be serviced.

Quick Ride says that the service is targeted at fresh graduates, the unemployed and those wishing to supplement their primary income. The company will initially offer 1,000 vehicles for lease, with plans to expand the fleet to 10,000 vehicles over the next two years.

“We applaud KAPB and Proton’s effort to provide economic empowerment using Uber’s technology, especially to those who need it,” said Uber general manager for expansion Karina Ali Noor. “This partnership demonstrates the innovative ways for economic empowerment and how ride-sharing has the potential to positively impact the socioeconomic status of Malaysians.”