These are leaked images of the BMW X7 Concept – or BMW Concept X7, as they always like to call the showcars – that will make its debut at next week’s IAA show at Frankfurt, posted by Bimmerpost. BMW has posted a teaser on Twitter warning people to “get ready for something big” and this could be the reason why. Well, it’s certainly big enough.

If these pics are authentic, which we believe they are, you’re looking a near finalised design for BMW’s upcoming flagship SUV that will sit above the X5 in size and price – as its name suggests. It’s very big and very bold, and we’re not even talking about those terrifying nostrils on the face yet. The gaping air intakes and slit-like eyes only serve to further highlight the size of the kidney grille.

The huge and upright SUV features super slim LED tail lamps at the back paired with vertical vents at the extremes of the bumper – the same elements given to Munich’s most recent concepts such as the Z4 Concept and 8 Series Concept. The latter, which previews a sleek two-door GT, also has a large grille, but they’re wide on the low-nosed coupe.

The showcar will be an iPerformance plug-in hybrid, as can be seen from the charging flap on the front wing and the ‘eDrive’ badge on the SUV’s D pillars, just behind the Hofmeister kink. There’s also a dashboard shot here showing design that’s totally feasible for production, and elements that are similar to the 8 Series Concept’s.

What do you think of the BMW X7 Concept? It’s go big or go home, I guess.

GALLERY: BMW X7 spyshots