As you would know by now, Mercedes-Benz will be focusing on its EQ electric vehicle sub-brand at the upcoming Frankfurt motor show. The brand will show its “first, fully electric EQ concept vehicle within the compact car segment” at IAA, called the EQ A.

We’ve so far seen a teaser of the compact EV’s front, and a bird’s eye glimpse at the car – now, here’s a design sketch that gives us a better idea of how the EQ A would look. The sketch shows a three-door hatchback that looks somewhat like the Opel Astra GTC. For a more familiar context, think Volkswagen Scirocco.

There are also some cool close ups of the EQ A’s details such as the front and rear LED lights. The ones at the back are particularly cool, looking very 3D. But then again, all design sketches have big wheels and a perfect stance – we shall see in a few days time if the actual EQ A concept will look like this. Then, another round of watering down to the production car.

The EQ A will be the starter car and volume seller of the EQ sub-brand for Stuttgart’s electric cars. It will sit under the EQ C, an SUV, when it debuts in 2020. The EQ C was previewed by the Generation EQ concept from Paris 2016, where Mercedes announced the sub-brand. Recent trademark applications hint at future plans for an EQ E and EQ S electric flagship.

An Autocar report suggests that the EQ A’s driveline will feature a cheaper and simpler set-up than the EQ C – which could be a single front-mounted electric motor sending drive to the front-wheels via a fixed ratio gearbox. A performance version with the addition of a rear motor (for 4WD), as used in the EQ C, is a possibility, the report adds.

The UK mag’s sources also point to Mercedes-Benz’s compact car plant in Rastatt, Germany, as the factory that will churn out the EQ A on a dedicated EV line. The EQ C will be made at a separate plant in Bremen.

On the other end of the electrified scale, the annual Frankfurt show will also see the world premiere of the Mercedes-AMG Project ONE, a two-seater showcar with Formula 1 hybrid tech, 1,000 hp and a top speed of over 350 km/h.