In a bid to offer improved digital services that simplify consumer experience, Volvo has announced the acquisition of Luxe, a US-based premium valet and concierge service.

The platform as well as its key staff (data scientists, app developers and software engineers) will join Volvo’s digital organisation in Silicon Valley. The on-demand services offered by Luxe send valets to park for you, wherever you are, for a fee. Customers will also be able to have their cars refuelled or cleaned if they desire.

“Our vision is a future in which technology simplifies life so you never have to stop at a petrol station, go to a car wash or even take your car in for service ever again. The acquisition of Luxe is a step towards realising that ambition,” said Atif Rafiq, chief digital officer at Volvo Cars (pictured below).

The acquisition is expected to help accelerate Volvo’s ability to offer digital customer experiences such as pick-up and drop-off services, adding a new level of convenience for Volvo owners. It previously introduced its Concierge Services in the San Francisco Bay area, allowing customers to have a personalised “butler” service to refuel, clean or send their cars for servicing.

“As more and more of our cars are connected, the availability of digital services becomes a critical part of the process of selecting a new car. Simplification of experience and placing control directly into the hands of the consumer is what today’s technologies enable, and what defines our vision in the digital space,” added Rafiq.