BMW i Vision Dynamics makes debut in Frankfurt – previews new model positioned between i3 and i8

The BMW i Vision Dynamics makes its official debut at this year’s Frankfurt Motor Show, serving as a preview for a new model that will be positioned between the i3 and i8. That certainly sounds like a perfect fit for the heavily-rumoured i5, don’t you think? Nonetheless, BMW isn’t willing to make it explicit but we’d expect the concept to preview a production i5.

Touted as a four-door Gran Coupe (in the same light as the 4 Series Gran Coupe and 6 Series Gran Coupe), the i Vision Dynamics is an electric vehicle the boasts a range of 600 km.

Specific information about the concept’s electric powertrain aren’t made known here, but we are told that the EV will hit a top speed of over 200 km/h, and is capable of sprinting from a rest to 100 km/h in four seconds.

Electric mobility is part of BMW’s Number One > Next strategy, where it plans to offer 25 models with electrified drive systems by 2025. From that figure, 12 models will be purely electric, and this concept will preview one of them (again, the i5, maybe?).

BMW i Vision Dynamics makes debut in Frankfurt – previews new model positioned between i3 and i8

The concept features plenty of familiar BMW cues, most notable the kidney grilles, which feature underlying sensors that turn them into an “intelligent surface.” We’re not quite sure what sensors BMW are referring to, but we reckon they should have some involvement with autonomous driving.

Also on show is a modern take on BMW’s four-eyed headlights, with LED light elements on each side of the car’s front end. The German carmaker is also particularly proud of the barely visible panel gaps, flush integration of glass into the main body, and retractable door handles, all of which creates a more seamless appearance.

Another design highlight are the side windows, which features a unique symmetrical profile that will attract Batman’s interest if it had any more angles. This cue isn’t just meant to be aesthetically pleasing, but also to provide passengers with a good view out. For roominess, a full-length glass surface runs from the windscreen to the rear window.

Finally, the rear of the i Vision Dynamics shares a little in common with the Vision Next 100, most notably the slender L-shaped taillights that kink upwards. Blacked-out sections of the apron help to accentuate the car’s wide stance.