This is the Honda Urban EV Concept, the carmaker’s all-new electric vehicle concept that is making its debut at the 2017 Frankfurt Motor Show. According to the Japanese carmaker, the show car “sets the direction for the technology and design that will appear on a future battery electric Honda production model.”

Yes, this retro-, cool-, futuristic-looking vehicle is slated to arrive in production form by 2019, with a top company official confirming the matter. “This is not some vision of the distant future; a production version of this car will be here in Europe in 2019,” said Takahiro Hachigo, president and CEO of Honda.

Design wise, the car certainly appears to evoke memories of the first- and third-generation Civic hatchback, albeit curvier (Volkswagen Golf Mk1, maybe?). The low slung and muscular stance is coupled with compact proportions – its just 100 mm shorter than the Jazz at 3,855 mm.

Up front, the Honda logo and #HondaEV emblem are illuminated, as are the DRL rings around the main headlights. The space between those circles features a display that can be used to show messages or charging status updates, and will likely be overused if the driver is driven in our country.

Down the sides, you’ll find multispoke wheels as well as pop-out cameras, the latter making the need for conventional side mirrors redundant. Other notable bits include the thin, blacked-out A-pillars and rear-hinged coach doors.

The rear meanwhile, is almost a mirror of the front, although there are square lighting units here instead. The Honda logo is still backlit, and the vehicle’s name is spelt in full, minus the hashtags.

Inside, drivers are greeted by an array of displays, the largest of which is directly in front of them. A display that would make the one in the Mercedes-Benz S-Class blush, the one here presents a range of vehicle information including remaining battery level.

As for those on the doors, those function function as the car’s wing mirrors through digital camera displays. The interior also houses a rectangular steering wheel, grey fabric upholstery and generous use of wood trim.

Honda says the Urban EV Concept will accept up to four occupants, across two bench seats. It adds that the seatbelts for the rear bench are fixed in the middle of the seat, allowing the belt to retract out of the way before a passenger exits the car.

With mobility and daily life being seamlessly linked these days, the Honda Automated Network Assistant concierge service learns from the driver’s past decisions to make new choices and recommendations.

An electric charging cable is housed on the bonnet, and is used to charge the vehicle’s batteries. Unfortunately, details about the concept’s electric powertrain were not provided, but it is capable of sending electricity back into the grid to provide revenue opportunities for EV owners in the future.

So, it looks great, is environmentally friendly and will be put into production. Want one?