In an effort to reduce harmful vehicle emissions in the Greater London area, hydrogen-powered Suzuki Burgman scooters are on test by the London Metropolitan police (the Met). The trial of the hydrogen fuel cell scooters will last 18 months and be used by Community Support officers based at the Alperton Deployment Centre.

Developed in partnership with British fuel cell technology company Intelligent Energy, the use of the hydrogen-powered Burgman scooters will allow the Met to assess its suitability for various roles, and understand where this clean technology could be adopted across its fleet in the future.

The Burgman scooters are on loan from Suzuki, and the trial will be run at no cost to the Met. Maintenance and fuel costs will be borne in collaboration with the Advanced Propulsion Centre (APC) in Coventry, which develops and promotes the use of low carbon emissions vehicles.

“Suzuki is extremely honoured to be able to showcase the Burgman Fuel Cell and gain valuable feedback from this important trial with the Met,” said Nobuo Suyama, Suzuki GB managing director, “operational data from the trial will be gathered and used to support Suzuki zero emission vehicle development programmes.”

Commander Neil Jerome for Territorial Policing said, “Being the UK’s largest police service we constantly have vehicles on the roads and therefore it is our aim to make our fleet as clean as we can, whilst maintaining operational capability.” In Malaysia, the 2017 Suzuki Burgmann ABS maxi-scooter retails at a price of RM47,700.