The 2017 Suzuki Burgmann ABS maxi-scooter is now in Malaysia at a price of RM47,700, including GST, but excluding road tax insurance and registration. Coming with ABS and and the Suzuki Advanced Immobiliser System (SAIS) as standard, the Burgmann – the name is a mash-up up of the German words for “city” and “man” – is fully Euro 4 compliant and designed for the urban commuter.

Carrying a 400 cc, single-cylinder, liquid-cooled power plant fed by EFI, the Burgman 400 is claimed to put out 33 hp at 7,300 rpm and 36.3 Nm of torque at 5,800 rpm. Power gets to the ground via CVT and belt final drive, and the Burgmann rolls on a 15-inch wheel in front and a 13-incher at the rear.

There is an abundance of storage space on the Burgmann 400 – in the front cowl are two small compartments – 2.8- and 3.5-litres on the left and right, respectively – that can store miscellaneous items such as a mobile phone or keys, while the under-seat storage measures 42-litres, enough to swallow two helmets at a time. A 12-volt DC socket is also provided for charging the rider’s electronic gadgets.

As earlier mentioned, ABS is standard on the Burgmann 400, and braking is with hydraulic discs, front and rear. Clocking in at 215 kg, the Burgmann is not a lightweight as scooters go, but this should aid stability at highway speeds, and the 13.5-litre fuel tank should give adequate range.

The Burgman 400 has a seat height of 755 mm, which makes it easily mountable by almost all riders and comes with a hand brake for secure parking. The 2017 Suzuki Burgmann 400 ABS is expected to hit Suzuki dealer showrooms in August.