Buried in Daimler’s presentation of its second quarter interim results is a timeline of the German conglomerate’s future products. Not only does the slide reveal when Mercedes-Benz’s upcoming cars will be unveiled, it also confirms the existence of long-wheelbase versions of the A-Class Sedan and GLC.

These cars will likely only be offered for the Chinese market, where owners are more likely to be chauffeured to their destination. In fact, the regular A-Class Sedan itself – previewed by the Concept A Sedan at Auto Shanghai earlier this year – has been developed with a greater focus on the Middle Kingdom in mind, going head-to-head with the China-only BMW 1 Series Sedan.

Both stretched models will be revealed closer to the end of 2018, but before that, the Three-Pointed Star will take the wraps off the next CLS, the first product of its future product offensive. The slinky four-door “coupé” will be based on the latest W213 E-Class and likely come with a range of new engines, including a high-power version of Merc’s new 3.0 litre turbo straight-six in the AMG CLS 53.

Long-wheelbase versions of the A-Class Sedan (left) and GLC (right) will be unveiled by end-2018

Following it will be the aforementioned A-Class Sedan, as well as a comprehensive revamp of the iconic G-Class. The all-terrain institution will gain a new body, a massive reduction in weight (reputed to be a whopping 400 kg) and a new 4.0 litre twin-turbo V8.

The facelifted C-Class will arrive soon after that, with a redesigned exterior and a significant interior update (which we’ve previewed here), along with the usual tweaked engines. Further along that road is the production version of the recently-unveiled GLC F-Cell, which will come just before the long-wheelbase GLC.

In between, Mercedes-AMG will unveil its first four-door model designed completely in-house, powered by a hybrid version of Affalterbach’s 4.0 litre biturbo V8 and styling cues taken from the AMG GT. Despite this, it will be based on the more humdrum E-Class, just like the CLS. Lastly, Mercedes-Benz Vans will launch the new Sprinter in 2018, following its X-Class pick-up truck.

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