Subaru has released several teasers of its upcoming show car for the 2017 Tokyo Motor Show, which is in the shape of a sports sedan. If that sounds like a preview for a WRX version of the latest Impreza, the Japanese carmaker isn’t confirming anything of the sort just yet.

As is the case with teasers, most regions of the car are shrouded in darkness, with only a few areas shown to us. This includes the car’s aggressive front fascia, which has large intakes, C-shaped headlights and six-point grille.

To drive home the point that this is a sports sedan, there’s a large air scoop on the bonnet, along with a wide body kit. As seen from another image, there are outlets for each wheel well, accompanied by a ducktail spoiler as part of an aero package.

Subaru says the concept will adhere to its ‘Dynamic x Solid’ design philosophy, and will use cameras instead of conventional mirrors. It adds that the concept will realise its “future vision for safety with advanced driver-assist technology, centered on Subaru’s original EyeSight driver-assist system.”

Those bumps at the top of the windscreen are likely sensors for all that safety gear, but we’ll wait till the Tokyo Motor Show for further info. For example, what is powering the sports sedan.