Honda has announced it will unveil a new electric sports car concept at this year’s Tokyo Motor Show, in case the Urban EV Concept wasn’t exciting enough for you. Called the Sports EV Concept, the show car will be the carmaker’s star attraction at the event, but all you’ll get to see for now is this teaser.

According to Honda, the Sports EV Concept will sport a “striking silhouette, friendly face and supple body surfaces, all designed to ensure the car blends into any lifestyle.” The sketch reflects that notion, depicting a coupe with a rakish rear window and three-element taillights, the last of which is similar to those on the Urban EV Concept.

Unlike the electric hatchback concept, Honda has not stated if the Sports EV Concept will be made into a production version. It only revealed the car will feature an “EV power unit and AI technology in a compact body shape.”

Other vehicles joining the Sports EV Concept in Tokyo are the Urban EV Concept, NeuV Concept, CR-V, a 100-million production anniversary model of the Super Cub 110 and a new Super Cub 125C.