The BMW X2 has been spotted with basically no camouflage thanks to our spy photographers, who sighted a unit being transported on a trailer recently. The upcoming BMW SUV (or SAV as the carmaker prefers) was first previewed by the Concept X2 revealed at last year’s Paris Motor Show.

The X2 is being touted as a sleeker, more coupe-like version of the F48 X1, and it clearly shows when you look at it. For starters, the roofline appears lower than on the X1, and the rear window is more steeply raked as well.

At the front, the X2 differs itself from X1 thanks to slimmer headlamps and a smaller pair of kidney grilles. Furthermore, the lower apron isn’t divided into three sections, and the fog lamps feature a more prominent black plastic surround.

Viewed from the rear, the X2’s coupe-esque design becomes more apparent, highlighted by its own unique taillight shape. The tailgate appears smaller but a lot shapelier when compared to the X1, resulting in the number plate holder having to be positioned further down. Unlike the official teasers released by BMW, the car seen here doesn’t sport dual exhaust outlets.

Even though the X2’s exterior is discernibly different from the X1, the same can’t be said of its interior. Based on the previous spyshots of a test mule, the X2’s dashboard architecture looks near-identical to the BMW X1’s, along with the switchgear.

Like the X1, the X2 will ride on the front-wheel drive UKL platform, which is also used in the 2 Series Active Tourer and Gran Tourer. BMW’s range of turbocharged three- and four-cylinder engines are likely to be employed on the SUV. The X2 will join the exiting BMW SAV line-up, which includes the X1, X3, X4, X5 and X6 (an X7 is on its way as well). BMW has yet to confirm when the X2 will celebrate its global premiere, but based on this sighting, we reckon it shouldn’t be too long now.

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