The Road Transport Department (JPJ) has denied that it will implement new regulations for vehicle window tinting next year as alleged by a message circulating in social media. The current regulations, which were most recently amended in February last year, still apply, Bernama reports.

These stipulate that the minimum visible light transmission (VLT) percentages stand at 70% for the front windscreen, 50% for the front side windows, and 30% for the rear windows including the rear windscreen. If a vehicle is found to be in violation, JPJ will issue a PG 1 notice (a prohibition notice for the use of the vehicle), and the driver or owner of the vehicle will be given 10 days to remove the offending tint at a state JPJ office.

Failing which, the owner or driver will be issued a compound of up to RM300, and if convicted in court, the offender will be fined up to RM2,000 or face a prison term of up to six months. Subsequent convictions will see fines of up to RM4,000 or up to 12 months’ imprisonment, or both.

Just yesterday, the newly-formed Malaysia Window Film Association (MWFA) urged government ministries and agencies to review the MS2669 automotive window tint standard, which has been slated to take effect in January 2018. The new standard will see tint films identifiable by QR code labels, enabling enforcement officers with the compatible mobile app to obtain the film’s full specification by scanning the code.