According to Didier Leroy, executive vice president at Toyota, new diesel-powered Toyota cars may not be launched in Europe due to the carmaker’s success with petrol and plug-in hybrid powertrains.

Speaking to Autocar UK at this year’s Tokyo Motor Show, he stressed that this isn’t a company ruling but his own outlook. “My personal opinion – and this is my personal opinion, not a company one – is no, we’ll not launch another diesel car,” he said.

Leroy also explained his viewpoint was first established in 2014, when he signed off production of the C-HR without the option of a diesel powertrain. “We took the view, a long time ago, that we would not sell the C-HR with a diesel engine,” said Leroy.

“At the time, the distributors were against my decision. They said they needed diesel for the market. But we needed to follow the long-term trend of eco-vehicles,” he continued, adding that this decision was made even before the Dieselgate scandal emerged.

Moving forward, Leroy expects diesel vehicles to be slowly phased out across Europe with each product update. Several countries have announced plans to ban the sale of new diesel cars by a certain year, including Paris, Britain and the Netherlands, among others.